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Fiamma II for 6

Fiamma II for 6

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Beeswax, very high quality wicks 100% pure cotton, high quality dyes 0.02% (except yellow and white which are the natural color of the wax)


20 cm x 0,5 cm

Care Instructions

They prefer shaded and partially shaded areas. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause them to lose their vibrant hue.

They prefer moderate temperatures, avoiding both sultry heat and freezing cold.

Gently polish, if needed, using a lint-free cotton cloth. If stored in a closed box for an extended period, they may lose their luster.
Their soul is the wick that has already been trimmed and is ready to make your cake shine.

They enjoy a gentle rinse under a warm stream of water if their skin is looking a little dull.
Avoid dispersing them into the environment, as it may leave them feeling disoriented and melancholic.

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